Your partner in mass payouts and stored value.

Benefits to You

MassPay is a faster, easier and more cost effective solution to sending out money via wire transfer. We are here to save you time and money in your online payment experience.

Benefits to Your Employees, Contractors, and Vendors

Recipients may choose the mode of payment and exercise greater control over the money transfer process.


Payments are made from you, transparently via our white labeled platform into the user’s device/s.
  • White label
  • Choose our mobile wallet or yours
  • Low/No fees
  • Easy integration to your enterprise software
  • 500,000 cash payout locations
  • List of cash payouts
  • We deposit into all banks
  • You control the user experience, leveraging our platform via easy to use APIs.
  • Taxes: W8 and W9, PayPal
  • “Spend Back”: monthly commissions fees to the MLM - for buying more product