MassPay creates competitive advantages for partners/customers by efficiently and flexibly paying their domestic and international distributors, workers, etc. in any currency, with the largest variety of payment choices.

MassPay’s international payout network is vast and offers fees that are very competitive. Our cutting edge technology platform allows full automation of our client’s international payments with full compliance to US, EU, and other jurisdictions.

MassPay Features

Payments are made from you, transparently via our white label payments platform into the user’s device/s.

MassPay’s advanced API allows white label international and domestic payments
500,000 cash payout locations
Choose our mobile wallet or yours
MassPay deposits into all banks
Very competitive fees
You control the user experience, leveraging our platform via easy to use APIs
Easy integration to your enterprise software
Taxes: W8 and W9, PayPal
“Spend Back”: monthly commissions fees to the MLM – for buying more product


“As a fast growing network marketing co. we needed to quickly expand our distribution internationally, assuring our distributors we can pay their overseas recruiters accurately and promptly. MassPay has exceeded our expectations in servicing their existing list of countries and adding additional ones promptly. I highly recommend them as a partner to your internationally focused business.”

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